Hot Tub Garden Room: 4 Reasons Everyone Needs One

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jun 17,2021

Building a hot tub into your garden room is a decision that you will be thankful for. There are many reasons to add a hot tub to your life, and having easy access to the relaxation it provides will give you a whole new view of your garden.

There are different types of hot tub to choose from, and you are sure to find one that is perfect for your needs. You have a lot of options for integrating a hot tub into your garden room, so let's take a look at some of the benefits that a hot tub offers you.

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What Makes A Great Garden Room Design For Entertaining Your Family And Friends?

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Jun 14,2021


Garden rooms are fantastic spaces for entertaining family and friends. Even if the rooms in your house are fairly confined, you can build an open plan, spacious building in your garden where you can hold the best parties and gatherings at any time of year!


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How A Garden Room Can Increase The Value Of Your Home And Provide A Unique Living Space

Posted by Cabin Master on Jun 01,2021

There have been incredible, widely-publicised results people have achieved with an investment in a garden room. One such report indicated that someone achieved a staggering return on a £6,000 investment, adding over £35,000 to the value of their home! A garden room is a beautiful and functional addition that opens new doors for prospective buyers, and is a rare gem that can give a property lots of extra appeal. This is why investing in a garden room for your property is a solid investment, which can add significant value to your home.

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Garden Rooms For Small Gardens - 5 Practical Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 28,2021

Have a tiny terrace, petite patio or bite-sized backyard and would still love a Garden Room? Then despair no longer. It certainly helps, but you don’t have to own a large garden in order to be the proud owner of one of these fabulous Home Offices, Man Caves or Art Studios.

Because, like small packages, beautiful quality Garden Rooms also come in smaller versions. And with clever planning and a bit of design know-how anything is possible. Here are some ideas to incorporate a Garden Room into a smaller space. See what you think:

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Why Cedar Cladding Is The Best Choice For Your Wooden Garden Room

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 24,2021

A quality garden room should enhance the appearance of its surroundings. When choosing the right material for the exterior of your new garden room, it is important to think about long-term appearance and durability. Although most materials will look good initially, over time softer, fast growing, wider grained woods deteriorate more rapidly. A cheaper cladding option could reduce the longevity of your garden room and cost more in time and money in the long run.

Here at Cabin Master, we understand the value of quality materials, and avoid using quick grown timber - all our garden rooms are built using either a Scandinavian Redwood Cedar or Larch.

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Garden Office Build Costs – How Much Should You Spend?

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 19,2021

Having your own working space can really help you organise your at-home work life, and clear all of your professional things out of the house. At Cabin Master we think that just about anyone can benefit from getting into a garden office, and that goes for those of you who don’t have an unlimited budget to spend.

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Conservation Area Planning Guidance For Your Wooden Garden Room

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 17,2021

Your needs have changed and you’d like to create additional space, without the emotional upheaval of moving, or the expense, mess and disruption of a bricks and mortar extension. You’ve identified that a wooden garden room from Cabin Master is the perfect solution, but your property falls within a conservation area. Could local authorities put the kibosh on your plans?

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Can I Still Have A Garden Room For A Listed Building?

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 13,2021

Owning a listed building is both a privilege and a responsibility. As custodian to a piece of our national heritage, you are tasked with preserving the unique charm and characteristics of your home for future generations. It can be a difficult balancing act to maintain a comfortable home, which adapts to modernisations in technology and tastes, whilst also protecting features of architectural and historical significance.

A garden room can provide additional space to meet your changing needs, whilst creating an area on which you can stamp your own personality.

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How Much Does A Wooden Garden Office With A Shed Cost?

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 11,2021

A garden office is a great way to create extra living space in your home. If you are using a spare bedroom as an office, building a wooden garden office can get you out of the house and into a purpose-built structure.

No matter what your needs are for work, there will be a garden office that can accommodate you. In addition to housing your work space, a garden office can include a small shed that will help you keep all your gardening gear organised.

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6 Benefits Of Working From Home in the UK & Owning Your Own Garden Office Room

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on May 07,2021

Invest In A Garden Office. Commute In Your Slippers (And Other Benefits)  

The number of people regularly working from home has jumped to 4.2 million over the last ten years, according to recent figures published by the Office For National Statistics.

What’s more, an additional 1.8 million say they would work from home given the chance!!

To avoid 6 million kitchen tables getting very busy, those seeking alternative working patterns have also been seeking new and imaginative places to work.

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