4 Garden Room Ideas For Small Gardens & Space

Posted by Mark Jennison on Sep 26,2017

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Interested in a garden room and have a small garden? Fantastic news! You don’t need an enormous garden to take advantage of the extra space and convenience offered by a garden room. We have designed some great garden rooms for small properties. In fact, most of our customers own average sized gardens and properties. The key is to make creative use of space you have, but you don’t start with the space when planning your garden room. Start by deciding what you want the garden room for and work back from there.

To get your imagination going, here are a few of the most popular garden room ideas for small gardens:

1) Summerhouse


A lovely wooden Summerhouse can be fitted into almost any garden. The Summerhouse in the picture above is one we designed last year for a retired couple. With double glazed windows and a carpeted interior, the Summerhouse provides a welcome retreat at all times of year.

2) Corner Annex

This attractive garden room makes full use of a very restricted garden plot. The layout means that the garden room can be used for multiple purposes, including storage, a garden office or breakout room. This isn’t one of our own projects, but is indicative of what we can achieve in a similar space.

Just about any size of property can benefit from a garden room. Dozens of examples of our compact garden rooms are on display at our show site near Nottingham for you to take a look at. No appointment is necessary, so pop by for a visit.

3) Garden Office

Garden Office.png

Rectangular garden offices are extremely adaptable and provide an enviable amount of internal space in even the smallest buildings. The example above was designed for one of our clients as a professional treatment room in the garden of their suburban semi. It features large windows, luxury wooden floors and plenty of light.

4) General Purpose Garden Room

The image below shows how we have adapted the same basic layout for even smaller spaces. This garden room is used as relaxation room and occasional workshop, but could just as easily be enjoyed as an office or art studio.

General Purpose Garden Room.png

Affordable Quality For Gardens Of All Sizes

At Cabin Master we design unique garden buildings to help homeowners get more enjoyment from their gardens – whether you have extensive grounds or just a few metres of lawn. For more garden room design ideas, please download our Ultimate Guide to Garden Rooms. This free guide is a comprehensive resource for anyone serious about investing in a garden room, covering topics such as building materials, budgeting, construction and layout. Click here to claim your copy.

The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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