4 Luxury Garden Rooms To Lust Over

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jan 01,2018

When it comes to planning your ideal garden hang-out retreat it’s worth remembering that there are Garden Rooms and then there are luxury Garden Rooms. And it’s the latter we’re looking at here.

By definition having an extra room which you can turn in to a home office, art studio, children’s playroom, man cave or gym etc is a luxury in itself these day, especially when you consider the price of property in the UK today and how much more expensive it costs to even build an extension onto your home.

So, what gives a typical Garden Room the additional oomph to push it into the category of ‘luxury’? Well, here are a few examples right here. Taken from both ‘across the pond’ and ‘down under’, these examples they may just be fabulous enough to get those brain cogs of yours whirling a bit. Warning – they are very likely to cause huge levels of envy! If so, get yourself over to our Stapleford show site and chat to one of our designers about your own luxury garden room.

1) A double storey daylight dwelling

Luxury Garden Rooms - A double stoey daylight dwelling


For the serious gardener or would-be florist this two-storey luxury garden room is actually a luxury potting shed (look at those beautiful marble tiles on the floor for starters). The second storey dormer window doesn’t just add character to the building but it also floods the entire building with daylight, meaning there’s no need to put the lights on until it starts to get dark in the evening - an impressive saving on the utility bills as well as a softer light in which to work.  The topiary planters at the entrance add a nice touch of elegance.

2) Some elegant shabby chic charm

Luxury Garen Rooms - Some elegant shabby chic


And talking of elegant entrance ways... this beautiful wide arched doorway with decorative window side panels to let in light is stunning in a regal kind of shabby chic fashion. The flourishing fern and bushy trees, together with the pretty millstone fountain in front also add a touch of luxury. The sleeping ginger cat comes as standard...

3) Timber tree house in the Outback

Luxury Garden Rooms - Timber tree house in the outback


This beautiful garden room in New South Wales, Australia has been elevated to form a tree house, complete with decking and walkway. As well as the dining/sitting area and tiny kitchenette, there is also a loft-style bed so it’s a perfect overnight get-away. Typical guest to this tree house, which is advertised on Air BnB, are birdwatchers, writers and couples seeking romance.

4) A She Cave full of grandeur

Luxury Garden Rooms - A She-Cave full of grandeur


A Northamptonshire mother of three grown up kids decided she needed her own She Cave to retire to when it all got a bit too ‘blokey’ at home (both her husband and one of her sons are bikers). So, Sonia Walker created her own luxurious garden room.

And furnishing it didn’t even cost her much – less than £1000 - since it is all second hand and picked up from antique shops, car boot sales and charity shops. Of course, she also knows what she’s doing in terms of interior design as you can clearly see from the photo above. Sonia mostly goes to her She Cave to read, listen to music and entertain friends.

She said: “It's my little sanctuary. Me and my girlfriends often have afternoon tea or share a bottle of wine up there. It's a real girly domain.”

How to get your own luxury ‘me space’

If you are lusting after any (or all!) of the above then why not consider creating your own luxury garden room retreat? Here at Cabin Master we specialise in creating such bespoke sanctuaries.

You can ring us on 0115 932 8888 for a chat, visit our showroom or take a look at our website www.cabinmaster.co.uk.  Or why not download a copy of our free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Garden Rooms to inspire you further?

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