7 Fabulous Garden Room Furniture Ideas

Posted by Cabin Master on Nov 09,2021

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Being a separate entity, your new Garden Room is a great way to experiment with some interior design ideas that would just look wrong in your house. So you really can go overboard when it comes to buying your Garden Room furniture and accessories. It’s your special room after all so why not personalise it? By having the decor different from your home it makes your garden sanctuary feel even more special.

If you’re stuck for ideas, how about experimenting with some of the following?

1. Shabby Chic Seating

Most folk when they imagine a timber-clad Garden Room

1. Shabby Chic Seating.png

think shabby chic-style. And certainly, rose printed

would look great in this type of environment. If that’scushions, pastel accessories and reclaimed seating

your style then consider treating yourself to some

decadent seating in the form of this fabulous

recycled vintage chair:

Image via Etsy



Open Cabin Master Brochure2. Modern Seating

2. Modern Seating.png

For more contemporary-looking seating for your

Garden Room, you could always opt for something

 equally as show-stopping, such as this incredibl


stylish rocking chair. Modelled on the famous

so that it cosily fits around the body while the rocking
Eames RAR Rocking Chair, the seating is moulded

effect will send you nicely to sleep when you requir

e a refreshing 40 winks.

Image via Wayfair

3. Beautiful Blinds

For those lovely floor to ceiling windows in your Garden Room you want something that’s going to cut down on the strength of the sun’s rays at mid-day yet at the same time will still allow in the natural light. Better still if the blinds have solar lining to ensure heat insulation all year round. Let us introduce you to the Pinoleum woven wood Garden Room blinds which, handily, are also remote controlled:Contact Us

3. Beautiful Blinds.png

Image via Conservatory Blinds

4. Lovely Lighting

When you get a bit short on daylight it’s time to turn on some sensational lighting. We reckon the following EGLO Chester industrial style floor lamp definitely falls into that category. It would look great in both a contemporary and rustic-themed Garden Room. A matching table version is also available:Book Your Free Design Meeting

4. Lovely lighting.png

Image via Illumination

5. Sophisticated Storage

Even in a Garden Room storage is essential – in fact, especially in a Garden Room since you want it to be a tranquil and restful place rather than a cluttered den. So what better way to introduce storage than with a brightly coloured rattan woven storage trunk/bench? This particular version is available in a choice of more than 30 cheery or neutral colours:Contact Us

5. Sophisticated Storage.png

Image via Lloydloom

6. Wowing With Walls

One of our favourite luxury designer wallpaper manufacturers is British institution Cole & Son. Their Secret Garden wallpaper is in keeping with the garden theme (although this is an underwater version featuring both sea snails and garden snails). It all adds up to a bit of brightness and fun for your Garden Room. Just hang it on the one feature wall so that it doesn’t become too over-powering but is dramatic enough to make a difference:Request A Brochure

6. Wowing With Walls.png
Image via Cole & Son

7. Rustic Rugs

A rustic style is another obvious design theme for a Garden Room, especially one with wooden flooring. But that doesn’t mean that a hard-wearing and stain-resistant woven rug has to have an old-fashioned farmhouse feel. The following rug is perfect for a Garden Room during the winter months by adding warmth and cheeriness, but it’s also light-coloured enough to use in summer. It’s absolutely perfect for a Scandi-themed Garden Room.Book Your Free Design Meeting

7. Rustic Rugs.png

Image via Kukoon.com

Of course, everyone has their own ideas and preferences about interior design but we hope the above inspired you in some way and even made you think a little out of the box – but not the Garden Room...Contact Us

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