7 Popular Ways To Use A Garden Room

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 21,2018

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It’s not unusual these days to walk past the back gardens of a row of city townhouses and find a handful of garden rooms in any given street. By far the majority of households use a garden room as a home office. That’s because it’s a space where you can simply switch into work mode and where all your work-related paraphernalia can sit (rather than on the dining room table where it’s likely to go amiss).

Probably the second most popular use for an extra room for the home, is some type of arts related space - whether that’s as a photography studio, a seamstresses room or a painter’s go-to design space.

But here’s another 7 fab ways to use that precious space in your back garden:

1) Home Gym

Invest in a treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine and a few weights and you can say goodbye to expensive monthly gym memberships for the next decade or so, as well as the having to queue to use a particularly popular exercise machine. And, because your garden room is so handy to access, you’re likely to exercise more too.


2) Kid’s Playroom

Put all the kids favourite toys in the garden room, fit it with a easy to replace carpet tiles for juice spills and fit shelving that’s at kiddie height. You’ll be able to keep an eye on them via the large windows and by fitting a speaker monitor. That way you’ll be able to prevent any fights getting out of hand.

Gear Up For A Great Garden Games Room In 2018

3) Pilates Studio

Who doesn’t like the calming yet energising after effects of a Pilates class? Well, now you can have that every day if you like by turning a garden room into your very own Pilates work-out studio. It’ll be calming, spacious and can be fitted with large mirrors to check your posture too.

4) ‘She’ Shed

It’s not only men who need time away from the family from time to time; the fairer sex do too. Here at Cabin Master we’ve been asked to build a number of She Sheds in recent years – mostly as a get-together venue for when female friends come round and they don’t want to be listened in on!

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5) Teenage Den

Yes, you love them – but they don’t have make a lot of noise and mess. Solve both problems in one go by giving your adolescent and teenage kids a room of their own where they can play movies and noisy electric games to their heart’s content.


6) Spa

If you have the desire for a home spa then why shouldn’t you treat yourself? Yes, it’s an indulgence but so is a football season ticket these days! A massage bed, pedicure and nail area – you know you want to ladies...


7) Home Library

It may sound like an extreme way to get some quiet time to read, but having your own library is about so much more than that. It’s knowing there is a quiet space you can access whenever the need arises – and it’s about having all the books you love at the tips of your fingers.

Discover Your Own Perfect Garden Room

So tell us, what would you do with a garden room? If you feel like you could definitely do with one in your – or your family’s life – then do get in touch for a free consultation with us here at Cabin Master. You’ll be very glad you did!

The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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