Are Garden Rooms Warm In Winter?

Posted by Cabin Master on May 08,2022

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A question many people ask us about garden rooms is whether they can be used all year round. This is an important consideration, as good old British winters are often quite cold. In fact, many days in the spring and summer can also be quite chilly! 

This is frequently a major factor that puts people off investing in a conservatory. Conservatories are notoriously difficult to heat in winter. Even with the latest insulated glass, a conservatory will be very expensive to keep warm during the colder months of the year.

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Year Round Comfort

Homeowners could be forgiven for thinking the same logic applied to garden rooms. After all, not many people would want to spend much time in a garden shed during winter, would they? Sadly, not all garden rooms are particularly hospitable during the winter months. Cheaply made garden rooms, in particular, are hard to keep warm. 

They are often draughty and damp, making them unsuitable for year-round use. A bargain garden room turns out to be not so cheap when it can only realistically be used for part of the year. This is often enough to deter people from investing in a garden room, which is a shame, because a well-constructed, fully insulated garden room is extremely warm all year round.

At Cabin Master we want you to be able to use your garden room 12 months a year, not 4 months or 6 months! And you shouldn’t have to do wrap up like an Antarctic explorer to spend time there in the winter months either – a garden room from us is as comfortable and warm as you need it to be, at any time of year.Request A Brochure

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How Quality Materials Make All The Difference

The difference is in the materials we use and the way our garden rooms are built.

Base: Each of our garden rooms comes with a professionally installed base that excludes damp and helps to conserve heat during the winter months.

Outer Walls: Our wooden garden rooms are constructed from sustainably forested Western Red Cedar or Scandinavian Redwood. These trees are chosen for their weather resistance and insulating properties, giving a sturdier and warmer building than cheaper construction materials, such as pine. This is one of the key differences between a Cabin Master garden room and a shed or cheaper alternative.

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Insulation: Some garden rooms use minimal or no insulation. This guarantees that the building will only be usable in summer, and also shortens the lifespan of the building. We place great importance on effective, environmentally friendly insulation. Each one of our garden rooms is fitted with high quality Kingspan insulating foam, which minimises the heating requirements in winter, while giving enough ventilation to remain cool during the summer.

Inner Walls: On the interior of your garden room we install Neatmatch damp resistant MDF wall boards, which can be decorated in a style of your choosing. Sourced from sustainable, Forestry Stewardship Council approved timber, this high quality MDF acts as a natural insulating agent and keeps your garden room warm and dry.

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Windows, Doors & Roof Panels: We offer a range of energy efficient UPVC double glazed doors, roof panels and windows that meet CE mark standards for heat conservation.

Floor: Our click lock flooring is designed to fit the exact dimensions of your garden room, fitting together perfectly to exclude drafts and retain heat. The perimeter of your garden room is cushioned with custom moulded softwood skirting for additional insulation. If required, we can also add cushioned underlay and fitted carpets.

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Heating: Our Cabin Master garden rooms can be ordered with premium electric underfloor heating provided by Varme of Sweden. This heat efficient carbon cable system is designed specifically for wooden buildings and comes with a lifetime guarantee against component failure. As our garden rooms are so well insulated they require little heating during winter, making them cheap to heat all year round.

Some of our customers also opt to install a wood burning stove in their garden room. Have a chat with one of our designers if this feature appeals to you.

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Enjoy The Perfect Garden Room From Cabin Master

Whatever use you had in mind, we can design the perfect building to suit your property, your budget and your lifestyle. With the best quality materials and a professional team to install your garden room, your building will be as cosy as any other room in your house, all winter long. To get your garden room installed in time for winter 2017/18, chat to one of our designers on 0115 932 8888.

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