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Dominic, a University Lecturer, had been looking for a cabin for a few months so that he could move his office space from a desk in the home into its very own space. After mentioning it to a friend Cabin Master was highly recommended to him.
Dominic said “I realised they were a local company and supporting local businesses is very important to me. Once I visited the show site I knew this was the team I wanted to create my new office space.”

Why he chose a garden room over an extension or conservatory:

“I did consider an extension, then a friend who is having a cabin built suggested I looked into having a cabin. The time scale for the build, being only a day and a half, coupled with the fact you can have the electricity and wifi connected to it in that same time frame were also very attractive, alongside the other factors like cost. Cabin Master said it wasn’t necessary to put a concrete base down which was great as some places insist on that, which is an additional hassle and cost. My cabin has been built onto firm foundations which also gives you that element of flexibility”.
“I looked at 3 or 4 different places but Cabin Master had very attractive finance options which suited us. It can be quite hard to find a chunk of money upfront so that was a big factor in the beginning.”

Their experience from start to finish:

Dominic said “I got in touch and they came around to conduct a site survey. Once I had chosen the cabin size and all the other parts it was very straight forward. In fact it’s more than good, it’s great. I didn’t want it to have a lot of glass in it or window space as I am using it for an office so it needs to be less open, I liked the fact I could choose the doors, windows etc and their size and location on the building rather than having to choose from a set design”.

The CAD drawing:

“They did a rough drawing at the show site in Toton. After that they sent over very detailed drawings and views of the cabin from all angles. This was good as I knew exactly what to expect when it was installed”.

The installation

“Dean called and booked in the cabin installation and they turned up on time, everything went to plan. Rob and Sam were only here for a day and a half and it was all complete. They worked so well with the electrician too, you can clearly see they work together often and it was much better than getting in an outside contractor to do that part for me.”

Do you feel you have lost part of your garden?

“No. There was just a large over grown flower bed here so it’s gained space for us to be honest”

How has it changed your daily routine?

“It’s taken work out of the home. With the internet being in the cabin it’s just so easy to organise all my work in there, then when I leave I can step straight back into the house and leave work behind!”

Have there been any issues with the cabin, or changes, since fitting?

“No. I’ve painted inside and I have fitted a water butt behind the cabin so I can use the rain fall to help water the rest of the garden! Customer service is a big thing. If you are an efficient organisation, as Cabin Master clearly is, you don’t have to do too much follow up.”

Would you recommend Cabin Master?

“Definitely, it delivered on everything. Having a verbal recommendation of Cabin Master myself I am keen to let others know how well they did as a company. It’s a good standard all round, especially the heat proofing & structure”.

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