What To Think About When Choosing The Perfect Garden Room

Posted by Cabin Master on Aug 27,2021

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If you’re looking for ways to add space and value to your home, a garden room may offer everything you need. A well-designed space should offer a peaceful retreat while enhancing the appearance and character of your home. But how do you choose the right setup that suits your lifestyle, family and budget? Here are some tips to help you consider your options and make the right choice for your garden room project.

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1. Think About Function

Before you start, decide what the room will be used for: 

  • Do you need an office space or a games room for the family?
  • Will the room be a longed-for craft room or workshop?
  • Or is your plan a multifunctional space that will work all year round? 

It’s important to be clear about what the room will be used for before starting work to ensure your layout and design suits your life and home.

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2. Choosing The Right Place

Where you decide to place your new garden room will depend on the space you have and the size you need. You can opt for a position close to your home to provide easy access or tuck your room at the bottom of the garden as a tranquil escape. Think about using natural light and check that your spot isn’t overlooked so you have complete privacy.


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3. The Perfect Structure

You’ve chosen its purpose and found the perfect spot. Now you get to choose how your garden room will look. There are many options available and plenty of opportunities to create a space unique to you. Custom built solutions such as shepherds’ huts and office pods come fully constructed and insulated. You may opt for a sleek glass box or want a rustic shed with a luxurious interior. Consider when your room will be in use. If it’s just for the summer, you may be able to have an open space, but an office for use all year round will need insulation and services to keep it comfortable and practical.


cedar cabin room4. The Technical Details

Construction of a garden room usually comes under permitted development so most projects won’t require planning permission. You will, however, need to ensure it meets certain requirements, and if you are in a conservation or listed area, you must seek permission first. If you have any doubts, always check with your local planning office before undertaking any work.

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The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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