What Is A Roof Lantern And How Can It Benefit Your Garden Room?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Oct 06,2021

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Are you needing extra space in your house, but aren’t wanting to go through the hassle of upsizing or the lengthy process of applying for an extension? Maybe you are looking to use your garden space more effectively and efficiently? Well, at Cabin Master, we have just the solution for you.

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More and more people are choosing to experience the luxury of a fully equipped garden room, offering them this extra space without any stress.

What Is A Garden Room?

A garden room is a bespoke way to create additional space for your property. Whether you require an extra bedroom, an office, or even somewhere for a hot tub and cocktail bar, our garden rooms are a great way to enjoy extra space outside, without having to break the bank.

All of our wooden garden rooms are built to your exact specifications, made of the highest quality materials which will last for decades with minimal self-maintenance.

What Are The Benefits Of A Garden Room With A Roof Lantern?

A garden room allows you to use garden space all year round that would usually only be used for a week or two in the summer. By having this extra space, you are essentially gaining another room to your house, allowing you to design it for whatever purpose you need, be that an arts and crafts room, somewhere for the children to play, maybe a games room, the possibilities are endless.

When your garden room includes a roof lantern you get all of these benefits, plus a whole host more! Roof lanterns allow floods of natural light into your new area through the ceiling; not only does this reduce electricity costs, but the medical benefits of being exposed to natural light are well documented. These include helping to regulate your circadian rhythm, as well as potentially reducing cortisone levels, the hormone that causes stress.

In addition, roof lanterns are stunning additions to any garden room at night – nothing is more relaxing than looking up at the stars while remaining cosy and warm inside your lovingly crafted hideaway.

Our roof lanterns are expertly crafted using aluminium which is naturally strong against the elements while also requiring little maintenance, meaning you can enjoy your garden room and roof light without any extra effort on your part.

Cabin Master

All of our timber garden rooms are unique and will be designed to match your exact needs. Therefore, we can create rooms of any style, size, and shape to fit perfectly with your dream space and fit perfectly in your garden too!

Our master craftsmen focus on every detail to make you your ideal garden room, the roof lantern addition being a very popular choice nowadays. Whatever style you choose, a garden room will give you a space you will be able to use and enjoy every day. For more information about our garden rooms, please visit our website, or you can contact us directly.

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The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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