Entertain Outdoors With Your New Gazebo As Centrepiece

Posted by Mark Jennison on May 29,2018

Entertain Outdoors with your New Gazebo as Centrepiece

At the first hint of summer we Brits love nothing more than to get outdoors in our back gardens for a touch of al fresco dining - and the more friends and family we have round to celebrate with us, the better.

That means having plenty of cosy physical space so that folks can congregate together and chat, as well as somewhere covered to place the nibbles and drinks. A Gazebo is an idea for this type of occasion. Not only is this type of structured platform covered so that the odd summer shower doesn’t ruin the goodies or have our guests running indoors to the kitchen, but it also looks great as a garden centrepiece.

Many of our own gazebos here at Cabin Master can come supplied with in situ BBQ area to save you having to carry food from indoors out to the dining area. This can also create a lovely, cosy atmosphere and provide warmth as the sun starts to set.

How To Decorate Your Gazebo

We reckon our gazebos looks great on their own; thanks to the fact we use beautiful, high quality and sustainable timber. Our craftsmen are also top notch so you can also be ensured of a smart finish. However, to add a touch of colour to your BBQ celebrations you could always wrap some bunting around the fencing or roof.

Hanging baskets with colourful and gorgeously-scented blooms would also work (just make sure your guests don’t bump their heads on them), while trailing vines on the two tall timber poles at either end of the entrance steps would also cause your guests to give an admiring glance or two, we’re sure.


And, of course, who doesn’t have fairy lights in their garden – solar-powered or otherwise - to add a bit of atmosphere these days? Simply string a set or two along the top of your gazebo fencing or from the roof rafters.

Pimp Up Your Gazebo Or Patio Furniture

Our gazebos come with wooden seating but, of course, for the sake of both comfort and decor, you could always add a bunch of brightly coloured and cute-patterned scatter cushions, as well as the odd woollen throw or two for guests to wrap around themselves late at night when it starts to get a bit chilly.


Dine Outdoors In Sophisticated Style

As a bit of elegant fun why not hang a chandelier at either end of your gazebo? Not only will it add cosy lighting but, also a bit of elegance – impressive if you also happen to supply a few bottles of champagne and prosecco chilling on ice, along with a few silver trays of tempting canapés.

How To Guarantee A Top Quality Gazebo For Your Garden

If you would like to glorify your garden with a top notch gazebo this summer then get in touch with the team here at Cabin Master and we can advise on both size and style. Call us for a chat on 0115 932 8888, but before you do that, why not familiarise yourself with our luxurious new Grillion range by watching our short video - Gazebo from Cabin Master.

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