Add A Unique Feel To Your Garden By Having A Garden Room With Veranda Installed

Posted by Mark Jennison on Mar 26,2017

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Garden rooms can offer you so many options for customisation. They are a perfect way to express yourself in a fun and functional place you can enjoy. One of the things that lets you show off your unique style is a veranda. In addition to giving you loads of practical extra space to use, a veranda offers you a covered outdoor area for a fraction of what enclosed construction would cost. Click here to download our Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms!
The shapes that a veranda can take are limitless, and here at Cabin Master we can help you to find a design that fits you perfectly. We think that adding a veranda to your garden room makes a lot of sense. The style that it adds will transform how you see your outdoor living space, and it will give you more ways to use your new garden room.

If you plan to use your garden room as a part-time garden office, a veranda will make your space even more functional. Having a place outdoors that you can use as a breakaway from your desk is valuable, and it will give you a pleasant space to make a great impression on customers. Let’s take a look at why a garden room with a veranda will be money well spent, and fit into your overall home design theme.

Relaxing Views

An enclosed veranda will give you a great place to relax, while adding increased usability to your outdoor space. The roof of your veranda is a very important element, and there are many ways for you to use it to express your style. Many people like to have a transparent roof installed, so they can take advantage of the light that it lets flood in.

If your garden doesn't get much sun, using glass or plastic panels to cover your veranda can be a good idea. If you combine them with large windows below, or bi-fold doors, you will have all the advantages of a covered space, without losing any precious illumination.

A veranda can also offer you a helping hand if you want to keep cool outdoors in summer. Your veranda can create a shady area for you to spend hot summer afternoons, where you will be safe from the heat of the day. If heat is really in issue for you, add some trellises on the sunny side of the veranda, and let climbing plants soak up all that heat.

Lovely Covered Space

If you plan to use your garden room for entertaining, a veranda will give you oodles of space to take advantage of. When you design your veranda, be sure to think about what you are going to put underneath it. Many people like the way a wooden deck looks, but hardscaping is great too. A veranda and patio will give you an area where you can sit and enjoy your garden, and still have protection from the elements.

A covered patio will give you a great space for having summer fun with friends. Many of our clients love to install a permanent BBQ outside of their garden room, and have all the covered space to enjoy when the weather is great. If you want to do something more natural feeling, you can add landscaping below your veranda, and use your gardens to fill in the space.

No matter what form appeals to you, a veranda will offer you opportunities for creating a style that is all your own. The covered space it creates is always useful, so think about how you want to show off what you love.

Cabin Master Can Make It Perfect

At Cabin Master we have decades of experience creating custom garden rooms. We can help you design something that will make your gardens so much more useful, with a style that you will feel right at home in.

We build our garden rooms using some of the best materials in the business, so you can enjoy them for decades to come. No matter what kind of style you want to express, our experienced team of professionals will give their best to ensure your garden room looks and feels great. If you have any questions about what we can offer you, please call us on 0115 932 8888, or contact us online.

Our new Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms is full of hints and tips you can use to make your garden room unique. Click here to download your FREE copy today.

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