4 Top Tips When Choosing The Perfect Garden Room

Posted by Cabin Master on Mar 01,2019

If you’re looking for ways to add space and value to your home, a garden room may offer everything you need. A well-designed space should offer a peaceful retreat while enhancing the appearance and character of your home. But how do you choose the right setup that suits your lifestyle, family and budget? Here are some tips to help you consider your options and make the right choice for your garden room project.

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Why Garden Hobby Rooms Are Great For Children

Posted by Cabin Master on Feb 27,2019

It's important for children to have the option to express themselves freely and build their character. With such a large focus on video games and TV these days, many children may not have the opportunity to enjoy hobbies as part of their childhood. Hobbies teach children important aspects of life like fairness, equality and positive behaviour.

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5 Amazing Uses For Having Your Own Garden Room

Posted by Cabin Master on Feb 20,2019

Whether you have a growing family, or want another room for a personal hobby, consider one of our wooden garden rooms. UK homes can be quite small, but a garden room allows you to expand beyond your house's original floor plan and gain another adaptable living area.

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Cedar Garden Rooms - The Perfect Choice For Year Round Entertainment

Posted by Mark Jennison on Feb 10,2019

If you feel like you’ve outgrown your home, moving house doesn’t have to be the only option. You can easily create the perfect entertaining space by utilising unused space in your garden. Cedar garden rooms are a great option for those who need a little more space to entertain. It's a great way to create extra space for a bar, gym, games room or entertainment area for your home.

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What Are The Business Cost Benefits Of A Home Office Vs Office Rental?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Feb 09,2019

If you’re in the process of starting your own business, you may be wondering about where your company will be based. The natural choice for most business owners is to follow the trend and rent an office space.

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Beautiful Garden Rooms Built To Last!

Posted by Mark Jennison on Feb 08,2019

Garden rooms are practical, comfortable and spacious. They allow you to work, relax or even work out from the comfort of your own home. Today's modern garden rooms are not only beautiful on the inside, but they are also beautiful on the outside. Cabin Master garden rooms are one hundred percent British manufactured, come with a 10-year guarantee and only use the finest quality materials. Our beautiful garden rooms are built to last.

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A Beginners Guide To Buying A Garden Office

Posted by Cabin Master on Dec 24,2018

If you are looking at getting a better work/life balance by working at home then a well-designed garden office is essential. It will not only give you somewhere to work from, but also provide a space close by to cut down that daily commute!

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Startup Business Ideas: 3 Benefits Of A Garden Office Investment

Posted by Cabin Master on Dec 15,2018

For most business owners who are starting, renting a room seems like a more viable idea when it comes to getting an office space from which they can run their business.

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3 Benefits To Having A Garden Gym

Posted by Cabin Master on Dec 11,2018


Fitness experts advise us to spend 3 days a week exercising. But with the rushed pace of modern life, and the constraints of time, money, and social commitments, most of us struggle to get any exercise at all! And yet staying active is crucial for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

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Is A Garden Room A Good Investment?

Posted by Cabin Master on Dec 08,2018

There have been incredible, widely-publicised results people have achieved with an investment in a garden room. One such report indicated that someone achieved a staggering return on a £6,000 investment, adding over £35,000 to the value of their home! A garden room is a beautiful and functional addition that opens new doors for prospective buyers, and is a rare gem that can give a property lots of extra appeal. This is why investing in a garden room for your property is a solid investment, which can add significant value to your home.

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The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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