Create A Home Office Fast & Without Breaking The Bank - A Cabin Master Garden Office!

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Mar 09,2021

Enquiries about Cabin Master cabins are illustrating just how versatile a solution they are.

A Cabin Master Garden Office answers a challenge many are facing right now – how to work effectively from home. British designed and made at our purpose-built UK factory, a Cabin Master garden building is a cost effective and quick way to create a home office on your doorstep.

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Why A Garden Room Makes The Perfect Home Cinema!

Posted by Cabin Master on Feb 26,2021

Winter is almost over, the nights are getting lighter and we can finally see some light at the end of this Covid tunnel! Although we can't wait to get dressed up and pay the cinema a visit, we still firmly believe that nothing comes close to having your very own garden room cinema! 

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The Rise Of The Shoffice – Bringing Home The Business

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Feb 12,2021

As I write this, millions of Brits are still working from home, and, for those who have returned to the office, national lockdowns have forced a rethink.

Creating a comfortable space to work at home is easy - in the short term, but as time goes on it can become increasingly difficult.

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Lockdown Staycation! Turn Your Garden Into A Luxurious Getaway With A Luxury Garden Room

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Feb 04,2021

A luxurious getaway doesn't seem too likely at the moment and that's why Cabin Master is here to bring the luxurious getaway to you! Now more than ever we all need somewhere to escape reality and give ourselves a well-deserved break! It's the perfect lockdown staycation!

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How To Choose Between An Insulated Garden Room Or A Conservatory

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Jan 04,2021

Adding some space onto your home is a great idea. Especially as you grow older, you will want to be able to have more usable areas to relax in and enjoy your time. Both garden rooms and conservatories can offer you a lot of options, though they both have some distinct advantages.

More space is also a good way to give you and your spouse more personal space. Once your work load lightens up, you can plan on seeing a lot more of your partner.

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Building A Man Cave In The Garden With A Garden Cabin

Posted by Mark Jennison on Dec 04,2020

When you need a little bit of guy space, building a garden cabin for your man cave is the way to go. Taking over a spare room or drafty shed just isn't the same as having your own detached man cave; you need to have some personal space. A garden cabin from Cabin Master will give you the room you need, and because we use the best quality materials, it will last for decades. When you are building a man cave, get it done right. Have a look at all the things we can offer you, so you can have a place to be yourself.

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Garden Cabin?

Posted by Cabin Master on Nov 22,2020

Garden cabins are an ideal investment at any time of the year, and they provide a versatile and unique space to any property. A garden cabin can be used for a range of purposes and people have many different uses for them. Many see them as a worthwhile investment as they can be used all year, regardless of what the weather is like.

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Living The Dream Of A Luxury Garden Room Is A Smart Investment Too

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Nov 11,2020

"How much does a garden room cost?" It's one of the most searched questions when considering creating a space in your garden for a home office, gym or entertaining space. It's also one of the first questions that visitors to our show site, just off junction 25 of the M1, ask.

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The Cabin Master Show Site - Garden Rooms and Garden Offices

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Oct 12,2020


The birds are singing, the early morning sun is already warming the patio and there is a distant rumble as the world wakes. The working day is about to begin, the second coffee is just starting to do its job and, as I walk to the office, the familiar scent of slow grown spruce fills the air.

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Wooden Studios For Gardens – The Ideal Artist’s Retreat

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jun 04,2020

Having a creative space on your property can add a lot to an already fulfilling life. Here at Cabin Master we specialise in making unique wooden garden studios for amateur artists all over the UK. There is no better way to find your muse than with a detached space in a natural setting.

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