12 Fantastic Ways To Use Your Garden Room This December

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Dec 04,2019

At Christmas, more people seem to descend upon your home than at any other time.

AND It’s not just the folks! Think of all the stuff that comes with them! The gifts, the suitcases, the food, the wine (they’d better bring wine, tell me they brought wine!!)

Naturally, your home never gets any bigger to accommodate all of this. No matter how much you love the season, who hasn’t enjoyed how much more roomy your house feels after you pack away the decorations in January? It’s OK, feeling this way doesn’t make you Scrooge! But what if your house could feel this way throughout the whole festive season?

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How To Design A Modern Garden Room That You'll Never Want To Leave!

Posted by Mark Jennison on Oct 16,2019

Investing in a garden room that has a sleek, modern feel will give you a great space to enjoy your time in your garden. At Cabin Master we can help you design a garden room that fits you so well, you may never want to leave it!

The interior elements of your space are important, but you also want the structure to echo your design aesthetic. Starting off with a solid direction will help you to get exactly what you want out of your new garden room. Using light colours and open spaces will help your new space feel clean and very functional.

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4 Ways Retirees Can Use Insulated Garden Rooms For Leisure (All Year Round!)

Posted by Mark Jennison on Oct 15,2019

An insulated garden room is a great leisure space that you can use all year round. If you want more space to entertain, to take up a hobby or simply to enjoy more time in your garden, insulated garden buildings are a cost-effective alternative to both conservatories and house extensions.


Many people purchase garden rooms as home offices, but if you’re retired, this isn’t something you need to worry about of course! Here are four popular leisure-based ideas for how you might use your newfound space:

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3 Great Reasons To Invest In A Quality Wooden Garden Room For Your Older Children

Posted by Mark Jennison on Oct 14,2019

Young people in their teens and twenties are a generation of homebodies. High rents and house prices mean they stay at home for longer, often choosing a university close to home to save on costs. When they do leave home, there is every chance they will become a ‘boomerang’ child, returning home after going to university or travelling.

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Garden Rooms Vs Loft Conversions: The Average Cost Of A Loft Conversion (And Why A Garden Room Is A Better Option!)

Posted by Mark Jennison on Oct 13,2019

If you’ve started to outgrow your home, moving to a larger property isn’t the only option. You could consider developing the dark, spidery space between the rafters into a loft conversion. Then again, if the idea of workmen in your home, dust and disruption fills you with dread, your garden could be the perfect location for a quality garden room, designed specifically to meet your growing needs. Both investments can improve your quality of life, whilst adding considerable value to your home; but which is best for you?

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How Much Does A Home Garden Office Cost And Is It Worth It?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Oct 12,2019

For people who don’t work from home, homeworking is a dream to aspire to. Having escaped the rat race, you can lay in bed till 10, have breakfast watching the news, then work at your own speed in your pyjamas. If you do work from home, however, you will already be aware that things aren’t so simple!

If you run your own business, or work remotely for someone else, then it is your responsibility to establish a suitable working space. There are two ways to go about this: if you run a business you always have the option of renting office space, or else you have to set up an office at home. The alternative to both of these is to invest in a home garden office.

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The Best Features Of Any Great Garden Room

Posted by Cabin Master on Apr 01,2019

A garden room is a great way to add extra space to your home. In fact, a garden room can be used for many purposes and can be designed in a unique way to suit your needs. Garden cabins in the UK have grown in popularity as people look to make use of the extra space they have.

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The Beauty Of Having Your Own Garden Room Art Studio

Posted by Cabin Master on Mar 29,2019

Whether you're an independent professional artist, or someone who enjoys spending your weekends pursuing creative projects, it's essential to have a quiet, calm space.

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Is Your Dream To Have A Home Cinema? Cabin Master Can Help!

Posted by Cabin Master on Mar 28,2019

With a garden room home cinema, you can leave all of the rules and inconveniences of a cinema trip behind you. A cinema in your back garden is a fantastic way to entertain guests or enjoy a relaxed private screening from the comfort of your own home.

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Why A Garden Room Is The Perfect Place For A Hot Tub

Posted by Cabin Master on Mar 27,2019

If your perfect Saturday involves booking in at your local beauty salon for a little relaxation and TLC, then you should consider investing in a garden room spa. Rather than throwing money away with each sauna trip or steam room visit, simply opt to install one in the convenience of your own property. Here are some of the benefits:

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