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Posted by Cabin Master on May 11,2022

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If you happen to have a couple of spare hours and are in the market for a Garden Room, then do take the time to do a bit of online browsing, specifically via Pinterest. And we do really mean two hours – for no doubt that’s how long it will take to navigate through all the wonderful images you’ll find.

There are literally thousands of images of Garden Rooms online and most of them are via Pinterest. We’ve curated some of our favourite garden room ideas right here*. See if you agree:Contact Us

1) Home Cinema & Chill Out Room

This particular room is in Spain and although it’s small, it just looks the perfect spot to settle down in for a siesta or with a good book when the sun just gets that little bit too hot. The pastel coloured cushions and wooden floor provide a tranquil feel. Also note the projector on the ceiling – that turns the retreat into a home cinema at the flick of a switch!

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2) Compact Modern Home Office Pod

This smart Garden Room provides office accommodation in a neat package which passes all planning guidelines thanks to its flat roof and small size. It’s also pretty cool-looking and contemporary:Request A Brochure

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3) Garden Guest Bedroom With Wooden Decking & Wide Folding Doors

This roomy and very contemporary-looking bedroom is actually an old garage which has been converted via sliding glass panel doors and a little out-front decking. The contrast between old and new is pretty striking:Get My Free Pricing Guide Today!

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4) Home Office With Bike Storage

This gorgeous Garden Room in a small town just outside Amsterdam is attached to a 323 square foot overnight guest house. It incorporates a daytime office and bike storage space. It was designed by the architect Serge Schoemaker in whose back garden it sits:Book Your Free Design Meeting

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5) Professional Artist’s Studio

The following stunning Garden Room in Gerona, Spain was built for a painter in order to allow him to display his large canvases to greater effect. It’s designed in the shape of a cross; giving it corners and divisions which make it seem like several rooms, rather than the one large unified space. The double height centre space and the huge panel windows ensure there is plenty of daylight. Note that in most circumstances UK planning regulations do not allow two storey garden rooms, unfortunately.Request A Brochure

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6) Poolside Relaxation Room

The following Garden Room in California has been turned into a room where guests can get changed or just shelter from the strong rays of the sun when they’ve had enough of swimming or lying on the sun loungers. Note the round window at the side to add softness to all those straight lines:Contact Us

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7) Garden Gym

And how about a Garden Room gym? The open sliding doors means it will be cooler inside than your typical downtown gym and you won’t have to queue to use the machinery either – unless the whole family get in on the act, that is. Better still, there’s no annual membership fee:Book Your Free Design Meeting

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8) Garden Room - Extension

Blurring the boundaries between a Garden Room, Conservatory and Extension, this light-filled single storey structure in Stockton-on-Tees was built by the householders themselves over a period of three months. It added a new living area and dining space to their home at the rear of the property, linking their existing living room as well as the kitchen. The roof is a double-height lean style. Access to the decking area is via French doors. Please note that at Cabin Master we specialise in wooden Garden Rooms. For a brick extension to your house, we recommend approaching an architect or architectural designer.

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If you’re currently considering adding a Garden Room to open up additional space in your home then we would be very happy to talk through a number of possible options with you. Simply call us on 0115 932 8888 or contact us via our website contact form.

Find some inspiration in the meantime by taking a look through our own Pinterest page.

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*Unless stated, these images do not represent our current or previous work. However, they are indicative of the sort of Garden Room our team design for customers on a daily basis. Our show site at Stapleford has a wide variety of different examples from our portfolio set up for you to look at. Come along and take a look and then chat to one of our designers about your garden room!*

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