Are You Worried About Staying Warm In Your Cosy Garden Room?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Aug 20,2021

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As we get older it becomes increasingly harder for our bodies to adapt to the colder weather. We become more susceptible to colds, heart problems and may have health-related problems due to arthritis. It's vital that we keep ourselves warm to stay healthy. However, with rising energy costs it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to keep their homes warm and cosy in the winter months.

One good piece of news is that if you choose to have a garden room, then it will stay warm all year round, even in the depths of winter. Below we explore the history of the wood cabin and how the modern garden room stays warm.

The History Of Wooden Cabins

The wooden cabin dates back centuries to when they were used in medieval Europe. They were easy to build, wood was plentiful, and they stayed warm. In northern Europe when the winters were exceptionally cold, the log cabin provided protection from the freezing ice and snow. Today's cabin rooms take inspiration from how these homes were built.

A Cabin Room Remains Warm And Cosy Throughout The Year

So, how does a cabin room stay warm, even in the depths of winter? The common misconception is that cabin rooms are cold, drafty, and only used for half the year. But, this is not true. Today's garden rooms are warm and suitable for people to live, work and sleep in.


The Base And Walls

Modern-day garden rooms have an insulated base that helps to prevent damp. Walls are usually constructed from cedar or redwood that have great insulating properties, as well as being weather resistant.

They Are Well Insulated

Walls are insulated to ensure that the garden room is kept warm in the winter and then cool in the summer. Wallboards are also used on inner walls to help with insulation.

Windows And Doors

Today's garden rooms are fitted with well-sealed UPVC windows and doors. This helps to prevent any unwanted drafts while keeping heat inside the room.

garden room

Fully Heated

The best type of heating for your garden room is an air-conditioning unit which doubles as a heating unit in the winter! This way you are fully covered for comfort all year round and it is very economical.

Why not get in touch today or come and see the buildings for yourself at our comprehensive show site in Nottingham and start planning your very own garden room.

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