How To Get A Summer Body With My Very Own Garden Gym Room

Posted by Cabin Master on Nov 30,2018

There are many options to choose from when considering what to use your garden room for. One popular choice is to make it into a garden gym, where you can burn some calories in the peace and solitude of your very own garden. And with winter coming, now is the perfect time to get your garden gym ready, right before the real cold weather sets in.

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How To Tastefully Decorate Your Garden Building

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jun 04,2018

A modern garden building is so much more than a shed or summerhouse. It's easy to create a stunning venue for entertaining, working or simply enjoying being outdoors (even when it rains). Garden buildings can be as tasteful as any other part of your home. 

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Do Garden Rooms Add Value To Properties?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Aug 07,2017

One of the strongest arguments in favour of building a house extension is the extra value it adds to your property. However, a house extension is a big undertaking that comes with a hefty price tag and plenty of hassle. Wooden garden buildings are the perfect alternative if you need more space but don’t want to turn your life upside down (and borrow £XXXXXXXXX) to build an extension.

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Is A Cedar Cladding Garden Room The Best Choice For My Garden?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jul 05,2017

A quality garden room should enhance the appearance of its surroundings. When choosing the right material for the exterior of your new garden room, it is important to think about long-term appearance and durability. Although most materials will look good initially, over time softer, fast growing, wider grained woods deteriorate more rapidly. A cheaper cladding option could reduce the longevity of your garden room and cost more in time and money in the long run.

Here at Cabin Master, we understand the value of quality materials, and avoid using quick grown timber - all our garden rooms are built using either a Scandinavian Redwood Cedar or Larch.

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A Quick Checklist For Buying A Garden Room

Posted by Mark Jennison on Mar 25,2017

At Cabin Master we have built hundreds of garden rooms over the years, so we know how the design process can feel. It can be difficult to make a lot of important decisions quickly, so we have created a simple checklist for your new garden room.

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5 Types Of Garden Rooms For Sale - But Which Is Right For You?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Mar 24,2017

You have a lot of options when it comes to picking out a garden room. Cabin Master makes a range of structures, and all of them are crafted to an exacting level of quality. There are garden rooms available to fit any lifestyle, so think about what features you want to have. Our garden rooms are all built to your specifications by our team here in Nottingham, and will be installed by an experienced team.

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How Much Does A Garden Office With A Shed Cost?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Mar 03,2017

A garden office is a great way to create extra living space in your home. If you are using a spare bedroom as an office, building a garden office can get you out of the house and into a purpose-built structure

No matter what your needs are for work, there will be a garden office that can accommodate you. In addition to housing your work space, a garden office can include a small shed that will help you keep all your gardening gear organised.

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