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Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Oct 12,2020


The birds are singing, the early morning sun is already warming the patio and there is a distant rumble as the world wakes. The working day is about to begin, the second coffee is just starting to do its job and, as I walk to the office, the familiar scent of slow grown spruce fills the air.

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Roll On Summer 2018!

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jan 29,2018

It’s the start of a brand new year, 2018; while the good bloggers of the world are busy typing up something about exercise fads and the January blues, we are thinking about the summer! And why not, Summer IS the most wonderful time of the year, after all. The warmth of the sun, barbecues on the decking, sweet reggae music and Caribbean recipes to die for - all within earshot of Nottingham city centre! We are of course referring to our Summer Garden Party back in June last year, which still makes us smile every time we think of it.

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Come & Visit Our Garden Room Show Village in the Midlands.

Posted by Mark Jennison on Oct 06,2017

The best way to envisage how a Garden Room could improve home life for you and your family is to come and take a look for yourself at the different types available to purchase today.

Here at Cabin Master we have a range of Garden Rooms - and in a variety of sizes - at our extensive show site in Nottingham – all of which can be customised to suit your property. Opening the door of each individual Cabin (or Garden Room), it really isn’t difficult to see how easily they can be transformed into a home gym, work space or child’s playroom etc.

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