Why Every Woman Should Consider A She Cave

Posted by Mark Jennison on Mar 29,2018

Why Every Woman Should Consider A She Cave

The emergence of the She Cave has been an increasingly popular trend within the last few years. The availability of the outdoor stand-alone garden room has meant that while he has the basement for his Man Cave, she can have her own retreat out in the back garden. Fair’s fair after all; certainly long gone are the days when the woman’s domain was the kitchen instead, welcome to 2018 and the She Cave.

She Caves For Hobbies, Relaxation, Spa Treatments And More

So, what does she do in her fabulous She Cave Shed? Well, it depends on which particular female you’re talking to. Some of our clients have used their She Cave for sewing, painting or pursuing other hobbies in, while others have created a luxury spa-type retreat with a hot tub, massage table and even a steam cabinet. We also know female authors who use their She Shed as an office because it’s such a tranquil space in which to write.


A Professional Space For Business

And talking of making a living in your She Shed, some clients have used the space to run their own small business such as a reflexologist, counsellor, dog groomer and a florist. All greatly appreciate the fact they can physically separate work from their home life by locating the office outdoors rather than in a spare bedroom. Having a dedicated space to take clients to also makes them feel more professional in their businesses, they say.

A Blank ‘Page’ On Which To Decorate

One of the best things about having your own She Cave is that it can be decorated exactly the way you want it. If you’ve a family home, there always has to be some compromise over decor style and practicalities. But with a She Shed the way it looks and feels can take priority – and which, for many women, feels like a luxury in itself.

So, which is better then – the Man Cave or the She Shed? The answer is, of course, that it is entirely subjective depending on which gender you happen to be. One thing is for sure though, having a space of your own you can retire to when you happen to be feeling a bit stressed and in need of some Me Time, can only be a good thing for all concerned.

A writers haven

How To Start Planning That She Cave With Cabin Master

If you fancy your own She Cave then one of the professional team here at Cabin Master would be happy to come out to your home to provide you with a free consultation. Arrange this by phone on 0115 932 8888. Then again, perhaps you would like to come and see us at oour own garden room showroom in Nottingham? We have dozens of full-size examples installed all year round to inspire you, and there is no obligation to purchase, so come and have a look around!

In the meantime, get some great garden room ideas by looking through our downloadable free e-booklet The Ultimate Guide to Garden Rooms today.

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