Why You Should Be Considering A Garden Office in 2020

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jan 20,2018

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Thinking about taking the next step in your career and working as a freelance consultant? Good for you. Then again, maybe you are understandably fed-up of the office commute and have simply decided to take up your employer’s offer of flexible working hours - which also happily allows you to work from home? If so, in both scenarios, you will be so much happier with a dedicated office space. But better still, how about a dedicated work space at the bottom of your garden?

Home office garden rooms are big business these days. Clients love them thanks to the fact these smart garden outbuildings come equipped with everything you would expect to find in a modern urban office or co-working space – but with none of the noise and regular interruptions you would typically experience in such locations.

Another big advantage of having your office at the bottom of the garden is the stress-free two minute walk to get to the office; not to mention the saving on petrol or public transport costs. Here at Cabin Master we have a number of garden office ideas which we are more than happy to customise for our client’s individual office needs.

Garden Offices In All Shapes & Sizes

Yet another advantage of having a home office garden room is the fact that it can be customised to suit the way you work. If you like to look out a window while at your desk, for instance, then we can certainly fit full height glass panels. If you like to work with music in the background then it is easy enough to wire up a sound system which you can switch on and off remotely.

You can have your own desk phone installed and ensure there is that all-important broadband internet connection, as well as a lighting system which works for your needs (rather than those of a manufacturer).


Impress Clients With Your Home Office Garden Room

Having a dedicated office space to invite clients into to discuss their project always looks much more professional than meeting them in a local coffee shop or at your kitchen table. You’ll also have any drawings or project notes easily to hand in a filing cabinet rather than have to carry them around in a folder. Ensuring your domestic and professional working lives don’t collide also makes you feel more focused and dedicated at your job.


Impress Your Family With Your Home Office Garden Room

What do we mean by this ie how can you having an office garden room benefit the whole family? Well, we’re talking about the fact that your folders, bits of paper and general office paraphernalia aren’t lying around on the kitchen table, coffee table or littering up the spare bedroom. This means the house looks far tidier. But not only that, it means you don’t go into a rage or get stressed because you can’t find a particular project folder or phone number etc – things are just so much easier to locate when they’re all located in the one space ie your garden room office.

How To Get Your Own Customised Home Office Garden Room

More garden office ideas can be found on Garden Office web page. You can also find out more by downloading our free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Garden Rooms here. For a free home consultation simply call us on 0115 932 8888 or click here to send us a message. You’ll be very glad you did.

The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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The Ultimate Guide To Garden Rooms

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