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Posted by Cabin Master on Jan 29,2022

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New Year, New YOU? Have you already fallen off the wagon & your New Year’s Resolution to get fitter then drank all the way through January? Don’t worry…let’s not be hard on ourselves, it happens to the best of us!

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So, What’s Putting You Off Joining Your Local Gym?

Is it the prospect of waiting in line with a queue of others for the opportunity to use a piece of equipment? Is it having to work out alongside people who are much further along in their fitness journey? Or the nausea that goes with the monthly direct debit?

For me, it was always getting changed and just as I was ready to hit the gym floor, realising that I’d left my headphones at home and I’d have to listen to whatever the gym had blasting out of its speakers.

Maybe in the past you have decided to pound the streets instead … great isn’t it? All that fresh air is lovely, until the weather turns wet and windy.

There is an alternative. 

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Introducing Your Cabin Master Garden Gym

Cabin Master garden rooms are perfect for a variety of purposes and increasingly customers visiting our Nottingham show site, just off junction 25 of the M1, are choosing Cabin Master for their home fitness centre.

The Cabin Master buildings, with their high ceilings, spacious interiors and flexible design options, are perfect for this and, while there are many, here are the Top 5 Reasons Why A Cabin Master Garden Gym Makes Perfect Sense.  


1 - TIME

YOU are busy!!! One of the main reasons that a gym membership doesn’t work out is TIME. 

Break it down for yourself. Once you’ve packed a bag for the gym, driven across town to get there, got out of the car to walk across the car park, scanned your card to get through the turnstile or barrier, found an available locker, got changed … you’ve wasted a lot of time before you’ve even got a sweat on. 

And that’s just the start!! Once you hit the gym floor you have the lost minutes as you wait in line to get on the equipment you want to use, then, afterwards you shower, and then jostle for position back in the changing room because, despite there being 4,000 lockers, it always seems that the members using the ones either side of yours just happen to have finished at the same time you did! Awkward silence or awkward conversation as you towel off? The latter adds more minutes to your gym trip!!

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Then, you leave, walk back across the car park and drive back home or to work.

With a Cabin Master garden gym, you eliminate all of these time vacuums, allowing you to focus on the reason you decided to use a gym in the first place - training and getting fitter.

Compare the above experience with this:

Get changed into your gym kit;

Walk across the garden or patio to your Cabin Master garden gym;

Work out either to  your own scheduled routine our using one of many apps and online clubs available ;

When finished, walk back into your home and shower in the comfort of your own bathroom.

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Whenever I’ve been a member of a commercial gym, I would often wish that the layout and the equipment was better suited for my training needs, if I wanted to work on my legs there’d always be an abundance of ab machines, or there’d be loads of fixed barbells when I wanted to do bicep curls. To be fair to the gyms, they are catering to general, not specific needs. 

This is not the case in your Cabin Master garden gym! Your performance can be improved with access to the actual equipment needed for your training goals.

In a Cabin Master garden gym, you can pick and choose what equipment you need and because you don’t have thousands of members, you’ll always be first in the queue to use your cross trainer, treadmill or rowing machine. 

Former UK national athlete and now owner of running shop Metres To Miles, Julian Moorhouse says, “Adapting your equipment to suit your training style is far better than adapting your training to fit in with the equipment. A lot of people make the mistake of seeing a ‘beefcake’ of a guy using a certain piece of equipment and thinking ‘if it works for him – it’ll do for me’. This can be so counterproductive! It’s like your trainers – why change your running style or speed to match a pair of trainers bought off the shelf when you can easily have a running gait assessment that will find you a pair exactly suited to you? Greatest results come from marginal gains, designing every aspect of your workout to get these gains is so powerful.”

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The average cost of a gym membership in the UK is around £41 per month, that’s almost £500 a year and that’s just for you. Sign up your spouse and enrol the kids and soon it becomes a huge chunk of monthly expenditure.

A recent visitor to Cabin Master’s show site in Nottingham had crunched the numbers, the family’s gym memberships alone totalled over £1000 a year but then, when they factored in petrol used getting to and from the gym, the cost of extra classes and the café with its healthy but expensive food, they were nudging close to £2000 a year. For them, investing in a garden building was pretty much a cost neutral exercise. Check out our financing options to see how affordable a Cabin Master garden room can be.  

PT clients can pay on average £25 - £50 per hour for a fully qualified trainer to work with them - and that's not including travel expenses! 


Before heading down to your local gym equipment store or surfing the internet for new gear, check out what’s on offer at your local charity shop. The British Heart Foundation’s Home and Electrical stores can be an Aladdin’s Cave of previously owned home gym equipment. I once picked up a rowing machine, cross trainer and exercise bike, all delivered for £250. It’s a very cost-effective way to kit out your Cabin Master garden gym with equipment that’s geared to helping you achieve and maximise those marginal gains.



Now, I’m no Monica from Friends, but something has always bothered me about public gyms – their cleanliness. Gyms, like any area where lots of people congregate, are germ pools.

Most gyms have thousands of members, each of them sweating and leaving a little of themselves on everything that they use. Consider how many people use those dumbbells every day, how many sweaty palms check heart rates on the treadmill handrails, how many dripping backs lay back on the bench you press weights on … and as for the exercise bikes. Ew!!

Some gyms provide disinfectant wipes – have you ever wondered why? To be fair, most gym goers will wipe down yoga mats or the back support of a leg press machine, but few do so with dumbbell handles, skipping ropes, or the handles of a bench press. Subsequently, some of the most commonly used pieces of equipment can quickly become pretty nasty!

Things don’t get much better in the changing room, as anyone who’s caught athlete’s foot will testify. 

At least with a gym at home, all the germs are yours! Even better, Cabin Master garden rooms have a huge range of door and window options meaning that your garden gym will be well ventilated. Research shows that air flow and ventilation can affect how diseases spread indoors, the more stagnant the air, the more likely diseases are to spread. So, stuffy sweaty public gym or light, airy Cabin Master private garden gym?  



We’ve touched on how you get to design your own space, but this is about going beyond the confines of the regular gym equipment and REALLY letting your imagination run wild.

Picture the scene, your gym equipment of choice is the bike. The good news is that the public gym has a line of exercise bikes, and you can even plug your headphones in and watch the telly while you ride! 

How can your Cabin Master Garden Gym top that? We asked cycling legend, 11 time British Best All-Rounder Kevin Dawson, and director of J’s Cycle Shack for his thoughts.

"In the gym, you're just riding in the gym, but in a garden gym you could be riding Richmond or Innsbruck or the Prudential RideLondon Classique," says Kev.

“Many riders are using a garden cabin to create a cycling studio. With your mountain bike, a turbo trainer and an app like Zwift hooked up to your computer or iPad, iPhone or Apple TV, you can ride with and compete against other cyclists, from all over the world, in a virtual environment, which helps to alleviate some of the boredom some get with indoor riding and really boosts your results”.

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So, if you’ll pardon the pun, a bespoke Cabin Master garden room allows you to create a bespoke gym environment. It can be whatever you want it to be! Unleash your creative side and race Kev up a mountain!

If you’ve tried gym memberships, jogging through the streets and various other ways to get fit with mixed results, it’s time to consider a garden gym. A Cabin Master garden building is not just an investment in your fitness, it can add value to other areas of your life and even your home. See for yourself at cabinmaster.co.uk, call 0115 932 8888 or visit our show site just off the M1, junction 25. 

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