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“Being able to care for Mum but also keeping her independence”

Niki & her family needed an extra room for her mum Stella so she could come and live with them. Stella’s illness meant that not only did she need more help during the day she also could not manage stairs and with Niki’s home being built with stairs at both entrances a room in the garden was the perfect solution.

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The experience from start to finish:

Niki’s next door neighbours had been looking into cedar buildings for an office in the garden and had found Cabin Master were the most flexible out of many companies they had looked at.

Niki said “It is actually quite difficult to find people who were just able to say ‘what do you want?’ and also tell you how much it will cost per sq metre”
“Cabin Master listened to what we needed and you had an idea of how much it would be, what they could do in house and what we needed to source, which for us was the plumbing. So that was nice that they gave us a frame work to start with”

“The sales team were all really nice and I think they came out within 2 days of me making the phone call, so they were able to give me a quote really early on”.
“I did phone another couple of companies but they weren’t even able to quote me unless I had given them a lot of information. Well at that point it was still an idea so you are just wanting something to evolve naturally, you couldn’t have any idea of how much it was going to cost because they almost needed to site it first, they weren’t happy to do that unless you were really serious, but of course how can you be serious unless you know how much it’s going to be or what they are able to do, which Cabin Master were able to do really easily and clearly, and it was exactly how much they said it was going to be, and how long they said it was going to take”

CAD Drawings

“I don’t think I would have been able to purchase a cabin without having a CAD drawing because it’s like a random thing, you’ve got your garden, you’ve got space, you can’t really see it as another space so to have the CAD drawings in lots of different perspectives, from above like birds eye and from each side gives you an idea of what it would look like it really helps, and also which I thought was really sweet and twee but they put the furniture in for you, but actually its brilliant because then you get a perspective of how it will fit but especially for us as we had a hospital bed and we were going to have a table and chairs but it would have blocked the thoroughfare and actually it really helped work out where everything would be…..without that I wouldn’t have been able to work out what furniture I needed to bring and stuff like that, so the planning of buying stuff having it ready we wouldn’t have known. So it was brilliant, really help, like really necessary.

The Fitting

“The fitting teams were here early until late and were very tidy. Everything was always cleared away to the sides all very tidy and neat. Everything was very flexible and Pete the electrician moved sockets around and added dimmers”

How has this changed your daily routine?

“It’s brilliant because I would usually spend only a day with Mum with the kids and now I can just come and see her whenever we are both here and the kids are here and it makes it much more natural…she has her own independence, her own front door which her friends come to. We had 12 people in here on Christmas day, it was fantastic”

Do you feel you have lost part of your garden?

“No! We had a shed and a greenhouse, we have a 100ft garden and adding our beautiful cabin was just perfect. Once we have all the ground work finished it will look stunning”

Have there been any issues with the cabin since fitting

“The only issue was with the doors and with it being wood we were told the wood needs to settle. They came straight out to tighten the doors after we called them. It’s great that you can call them if you have any issues, nothing is ever too much.”

What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a Cabin Master cabin?

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cabin Master and we have already done so to friends and neighbours”

Advice for anyone buying a garden building:

“My advice would be to make sure you know exactly what you want and go through all the possibilities all the shapes all the sizes, all of the planning options because it’s a really beautiful thing and it’d be a shame not to give it its full part of your garden.”


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